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Hi, I'm Gavin.

My diverse, hands-on roles in product design, development, and marketing have brought creative vision and systems thinking to scores of unique projects, including for some of the world's most innovative companies and institutions.

I have a passion for complex, enterprise-scale software challenges; empathy for the needs of diverse users; a conviction for data-driven inquiry and contextual analysis; a mania for chasing down details; and a ‘full-stack’ mindset for connecting the dots between ideas and deliverables, thought leadership and changing the world.

Today I lead the design team for Atrius at Acuity Brands. I'm a graduate of Oberlin College's Environmental Studies Program and live in Oakland, California.

Connect with me on LinkedIn, Medium, or Twitter.

Wired Home of the Future
Building Dashboard Kiosk, Hamilton College
Building Dashboard, Sidwell Friends School


Acuity Brands

Head of User Experience & Design2021-present
VP Product2019-2021
VP Design EngineeringOakland, CA2018-2019

North American market leader and one of the world’s leading providers of lighting and building management solutions. Acuity's Intelligent Spaces Group develops market-leading energy management, productivity, and occupant experience solutions (Atrius®).

Product leader

Hands-on collaborator working strategically across the entire product lifecycle. Solution architect of the BuildingOS platform.

UX leader

Atrius & BuildingOS design system evangelist. UX methodologies lead, UX writing editor, and QA supervisor.


VP Design2014-2018
Creative Director & Co-FounderOakland, CA2006-2014

Pioneer of real-time energy and water use feedback delivered on the web (Building Dashboard®), and the first vendor-agnostic, SaaS commercial building data and analytics platform (BuildingOS®). Acquired by Acuity Brands.

Design leader

Illustrator, animator, and prototyping wizard. Usability testing lead.

Product manager

Business case researcher, interviewer, and spec and documentation writer.

Marketing leader

Manager of the entire customer journey. Product and content marketing writer. Articulated the Lucid brand and directed IP development.

Executive leader

Board member, storyteller, and slideshow extraordinaire. Series A & B (Formation 8, Zetta Venture Partners, Autodesk, GE Ventures, Peninsula Ventures).

Adam Joseph Lewis Center

Research TeamOberlin, OH2004-2006

Experimental data acquisition and display system in one of the most comprehensively monitored buildings in the U.S., and one of the most innovative green buildings on a college campus.


Conceived novel UIs for delivering real-time environmental feedback to occupants.

Systems administrator

Deployed and maintained databases, networking devices, and sensor equipment.

The Living Machine

Operations TeamOberlin, OH2003-2006

Experimental closed-cycle wastewater treatment facility that combines elements of conventional wastewater technology with the purification processes of wetland ecosystems.

Maintenance operator

Performed water quality analyses for routine testing and ongoing research in constructed wetland ecology. Produced methodological materials for staff.

Outreach volunteer

Conducted tours, and led public outreach programs and training workshops. Produced educational materials for visitors.

eME Web Solutions

FounderWashington, PA1998-2003

Developer and designer at one-man operation providing turn-key websites for local businesses.

Where it all began
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Enterprise-Grade Dashboards Framework

Senior Product LeadLucid

A comprehensive visualization framework for creating card-based dashboards for building performance analysis and portfolio-wide reporting.

The challenge: People across the stakeholder spectrum are not continuously informed about building operations and occupant satisfaction, making it difficult to resolve high-impact or high-cost problems quickly and effectively. Off-the-shelf reporting solutions also fail to serve advanced building-specific use cases. The solution: Make it easy for anyone in an organization to compose sophisticated, permission-based, presentation-quality dashboards and reports for making data-driven decisions about heterogeneous assets, systems, buildings, and portfolios.

Utility Bill Management

Senior Design LeadLucid

A product for simplifying—and demystifying—the creation of monthly and yearly utility bill cost reports, and dramatically increasing report accuracy.

The challenge: Tracking portfolio-wide utility bill costs is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and error-prone. Bills and utility rate schedules are also incredibly complex and abstruse. The solution: Automate the centralization of bills and make bill analysis easy for financial managers by combining report generation with advanced bill data services, including rate schedule management, tenant cost allocation and calendarization, weather and occupancy normalization, data completeness adjustments, future bill cost predictions, and international currency conversions.

Indoor Location Services

Senior Design LeadAcuity Brands

An IoT product for managing and displaying indoor location data for gaining new insights into shopper behavior, optimal store layout, and consumer packaged goods compliance.

The challenge: Tracking asset and people location via the triangulation of radio signal strength among beacons and mobile devices involves substantial data requests, storage, and processing, and has historically consisted of one-off investigations by data scientists. The solution: Leveraging a network of connected fixtures and highly optimized data pipelines, make it easy for building managers to visualize real-time asset locations and historical trends for space utilization, zone affinity, people flow, and people traffic.

Asset Management Data Engine

Senior Product LeadAcuity Brands

A product for comprehensively tracking mobile and infrastructure assets across a building portfolio and providing flexible asset domain model configurability.

The challenge: People who manage and maintain assets are hindered by highly decentralized asset information that does not seamlessly align with their organization’s existing inventory methods or serve their operational improvement objectives. The solution: Make it easy to access and analyze an entire portfolio’s asset data multi-dimensionally, including real-time monitored points, bills, work orders, warranty status, location, utilization, and documentation, and customize and extend an organization’s asset data model.

Portfolio Emissions Reporting

Senior Product LeadLucid

A product for automatically calculating portfolio-wide greenhouse gas emissions for compliance reporting and corporate social responsibility engagement.

The challenge: Annual emissions reporting is complex, time-consuming, and error-prone, requiring a combination of high-quality source data and annually updated emission rates provided by governments and third-parties. The solution: Using interval meter data and centralized bill data from thousands of utility providers, and standard and customizable emission rate schedules, make it easy for sustainability professionals to view real-time emissions across their portfolio and rapidly assemble dashboards and reports for annual emissions reporting.

Automated Life Safety Reporting

Senior Design LeadAcuity Brands

A product for accessing real-time status information from connected exit signs and emergency lighting fixtures, and automatically generating safety compliance reports.

The challenge: Building managers do not know when life safety equipment has failed, except when manually tested in hard-to-reach locations during a fire marshall inspection. The solution: Make connected device status and location information easily accessible for ongoing preventive maintenance, notification-based reactive maintenance, and automated compliance reporting.

Enterprise-Grade Customer Onboarding Framework

Senior Product LeadLucid

A comprehensive multi-system framework for streamlining internal customer onboarding processes, facilitating rapid customer-led setup, and enabling seamless upsell experiences.

The challenge: Onboarding a large enterprise customer requires a toolbox of functions and training materials—a process that benefits from flip-a-switch configurability, outstanding communication, and strong initial adoption. The solution: Automate sales and customer operations team workflows for data integrations, app licensing, user permissions, and dashboard creation, and provide them with time-saving, self-service tools to ensure early success.

Project Measurement & Verification

Senior Product LeadLucid

A product for quantifying the results of energy efficiency investments and building performance improvements using industry-standard verification protocols, and facilitating successful project outcomes.

The challenge: Tracking energy and cost savings requires experience with advanced modeling and creates an ongoing burden for building managers to manually furnish up-to-date data sets. The solution: Make it easy for novice and advanced users alike to formulate regression models for accurately assessing project performance, enable hands-off automated system monitoring, and centralize project documentation.

Self-Serve Digital Signage

Senior Design LeadLucid

A product for educating employees, students, and visitors about an organization's goals and performance through data-driven storytelling.

The challenge: Stakeholders like non-technical occupants—and frequently managers and executives—who don’t have access to online tools don’t benefit from the visibility and insight that these tools provide. The solution: Allow access-enabled users to easily build screens with narrative imagery and data that can be viewed on dedicated public touchscreen kiosks or inserted into digital signage display reels, and that compellingly and publicly showcase collective contributions to an organization's productivity, profitability, and sustainability performance.

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Meters panel and tablet
Adam Joseph Lewis Center
Outlining on whiteboard (by ThisIsEngineering)

Projects & Research

Client-supported collaborations

Senior Design Lead2018

A project to demonstrate the company’s commitment to 100% renewable energy, highlight its green workplaces worldwide, and showcase employee initiatives.

Stanford University
Senior Design Lead2017

An inter-departmental project to comprehensively track the performance and carbon emissions of the institution’s buildings, systems, and managed assets.

The Walt Disney Company
Senior Design Lead2012

A project to encourage environmental awareness at the Grand Central Creative Campus, teach about sustainable design elements, and measure resource use.

Wired Home of the Future
Senior Design Lead2010

A project to showcase the latest in design, technology, and sustainability via a newly imagined, real-time information hub specially designed for the home.

Senior Design Lead2009

A multi-year project to engage employees and empower facilities managers across its North American field offices to advance the company's energy efficiency goals.

Senior Design Lead2008

A Yahoo! Green Team-led project to empower employees to take conservation actions and understand their impact on Yahoo!’s corporate carbon footprint.

Global Green USA
Senior Design Lead2008

A project to provide real-time energy use information for a sustainable, low-income housing community in New Orleans’ storm-ravaged Ninth Ward.

Sidwell Friends School
Senior Design Lead2007

A project to educate students with contextual, real-time building and landscape information in the first LEED Platinum K-12 school in the world.

Senior Design Lead2007

A project to showcase the sustainable design features, performance, and financial payback of the first LEED-certified residence in the Southeast U.S.

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Grant-supported collaborations

Advancing the Commercial Building Energy Saver (CBES)

Senior Design LeadU.S. DOELBNL2017-2018

A project to commercialize reliable and actionable retrofit recommendations generated by the Commercial Building Energy Saver Pro Toolkit. The goal: Using Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s physics-based retrofit and energy conservation measure (ECM) engine, make it simple for commercial building owners to quickly discover and prioritize high-impact retrofit measures with only fragmentary building characteristics, operation scheduling, investment, and interval electricity use data inputs.

Senior Design LeadU.S. DOELBNL2016-2017

A public web-based tool providing free personalized energy cost and consumption reports for commercial buildings. The goal: Leverage previously underutilized public datasets—Energy Star TargetFinder, Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS), and DOE Building Performance Database—and make it simple for building owners to quickly benchmark their facilities against 4.8 million buildings.

Building Orb & Empathetic Character Gauge Project

Senior Design LeadU.S. EPA2014-2015

A project to build, test, and commercialize software for rapid development of 'empathetic characters' and deployment of 'building orbs' via an intuitive setup interface and energy data API. The goal: Encourage ongoing conservation behaviors and maximize behavior-based energy savings by delivering ongoing, sustained normative feedback and real-time ambient signals to occupants of commercial buildings, and enable off-the-shelf configuration of new LED devices such as Philips Hue, LIFX, and ORBneXt.

Senior Design LeadUSGBCNational Wildlife Federation2010-2015

A multi-year program to host the largest short-term electricity reduction competition in the world. The goal: Engage, educate, motivate, and empower people to conserve resources in their buildings; foster a culture of conservation within communities; and highlight the ability of behavior change tools such as competitions, commitments, and social norms to conserve energy and water. In its first five years, participants saved over 6 gigawatt-hours of electricity and 1.4 million gallons of water.

Bioregional Community-Scale Feedback

Senior Design LeadGreat Lakes Protection Fund2008-2012

A multi-year project to engage, educate, motivate, and empower citizens within the Great Lakes region to conserve water and energy resources. The goal: Determine which modes of information delivery about individual and aggregate city-wide consumption on local environmental quality are most effective at stimulating conservation, and develop approaches that can be widely adopted by homeowners and small business owners for deployment in communities throughout the Great Lakes basin bioregion.

Mountaintop Removal Visualization


A project by U.S. Geological Survey Science Impact Center for Scientific Visualization and Delivery to create simulation models of mountaintop removal coal mining areas in southern West Virginia. The goal: Illustrate the extent of landscape deformation and document shifting socioeconomic patterns over time. New formulations of this model continue to serve as effective local and national policy tools.

Visual Feedback Display Systems for Improving Building Performance

Senior Design LeadU.S. EPA2004-2006

A project to design and develop interactive display interfaces for visualizing building and landscape resource flows throughout the Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies at Oberlin College. Subsequent campus-wide expansion, known as the Campus Resource Monitoring System, compared performance in residence halls and other buildings. The goal: Determine if low-cost data monitoring and visual feedback display systems motivate students to exhibit short-term reductions in electricity and water use.

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Conference room
Classroom instruction
Storyboard on a touchscreen

Talks & Publications


Combining real-time feedback on resource use with incentives stimulates dormitory residents to reduce electricity consumption

Co-AuthorVol. 8:16-33, 2007

Published in International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education (peer-reviewed). J.E. Petersen, V. Shunturov, K. Janda, G. Platt, K. Weinberger.

Cited over 250 times as of 2014, including by a Nobel Prize winner in economics

Greening of the Capitol Initiative

Contributing ArtistWashington, D.C.Oct 2010

Illustrated and animated content for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency presentation to U.S. House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, Capitol Hill. G. Platt, M. Murray.

Fostering a community of environmental stewards by using real-time displays of building performance

PresenterBoston, MANov 2008

Invited talk and session at U.S. Green Building Council's Greenbuild International Conference & Exposition. J.E. Petersen, M. Murray, G. Platt.

Other selections

Beyond Energy: Achieving a 360-degree View of Your Buildings

PresenterSan Francisco, CANov 2018

Talk at Connected Buildings Summit. G. Platt, S. McMullen, J. Wentz.

Measure Twice, Analyze Once

PresenterSan Francisco, CAMay 2016

Talk at Connected Buildings Summit. A. DeYonker, G. Platt, A. Rhoads, J. Wentz.

A Look at the Future of Connected Buildings

PresenterOakland, CAOct 2015

Invited talk at NewCo Oakland. G. Platt.

BuildingOS 2.0 and Beyond

PresenterStanford, CAMay 2015

Talk at Connected Buildings Summit. A. DeYonker, G. Platt, J. Aamidor.

Transforming the Commercial Buildings Industry with Data: 10 Years On

PresenterOberlin, OHJan 2015

Invited talk at Oberlin LaunchU Pitch Competition & Alumni Showcase. G. Platt.

The Next Disruptive Innovation in Buildings

ContributorSofia, BulgariaJan 2013

Invited talk at TEDx Bulgaria. V. Shunturov.

Reconnecting Individual Decisions to Community: The Bioregional Dashboard

Contributing ArtistSacramento, CANov 2012

Moderated session at Behavior, Energy, and Climate Change Conference. J.E. Petersen, et al.

Building Dashboard and the Green Button Initiative

Contributing ArtistWashington, D.C.Oct 2012

Invited talk at White House Office of Science and Technology Policy 'Energy Datapalooza'. M. Murray, V. Shunturov, G. Platt.

GreenTech@Greenbuild Summit

ContributorToronto, CanadaOct 2011

Invited talk at U.S. Green Building Council's Greenbuild International Conference & Exposition. M. Murray, V. Shunturov, G. Platt.

Employing a socially networked resource monitoring tool as a platform to organize a national electricity and water reduction competition on college and university campuses

ContributorWashington, D.C.Nov 2010

Poster session at Behavior, Energy, and Climate Change Conference. A. DeCoriolis, G. Platt, et al.

Can real-time 'dashboard' displays of resource use in buildings and across campus facilities be used to build a community and culture of stewardship?

PresenterRaleigh, NCOct 2008

Talk and session at Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. J.E. Petersen, G. Platt, A. Totoiu.

Using Buildings to Teach Environmental Stewardship: Real-time display of environmental performance as a mechanism for educating, motivating, and empowering the student body

ContributorMuncie, INSep 2007

Talk, session, and proceedings publication at Greening of the Campus VII, Ball State University. J.E. Petersen, M.E. Murray, G. Platt, V. Shunturov.

Leveraging the Human Component of Building Performance: How real-time feedback on resource use transforms passive consumers into active managers

PresenterAtlanta, GAMar 2007

Talk at Greenprints: Sustainable Communities by Design. G. Platt, V. Shunturov.

A Dashboard for Buildings: Visualize, track, and optimize building performance in real time

ContributorDenver, CONov 2006

Invited talk and session at U.S. Green Building Council's Greenbuild International Conference & Exposition. M.E. Murray, G. Platt, V. Shunturov.

Designing real-time displays of energy and material flows to create smart people in environmentally dumb buildings: Architecture, pedagogy, and the ecology of buildings

ContributorTempe, AZOct 2006

Talk, session, and proceedings publication at Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, Arizona State University. J.E. Petersen, M.E. Murray, V. Shunturov, G. Platt.

Does providing dormitory residents with feedback on energy and water use lead to reduced consumption?: Assessment of the effect of different resolutions of feedback

ContributorMuncie, INSep 2005

Talk, session, and proceedings publication at Greening of the Campus VI, Ball State University. V. Shunturov, J.E. Petersen, K. Janda, G. Platt, K. Weinberger, M.E. Murray.

Developing and assessing the impact of a socio-technological resource-use feedback system for improving the environmental performance of buildings and institutions

PresenterWashington, D.C.May 2005

Presented before a panel convened by the National Academies for the First Annual P3 Award Competition, National Mall. V. Shunturov, J.E. Petersen, G. Platt.

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Buildings=Energy, The Center for Architecture
Bill Nye's Climate Lab, Chabot Space & Science Center
Loop Value, Chicago Architecture Foundation


Bill Nye's Climate Lab

Contributing ArtistOakland, CANov 2010–Dec 2016

An interactive, hands-on exhibit designed to boost climate literacy and engage visitors in discovering and creating their own energy-saving solutions. 'Smart grid' display imagery featured in the Green Energy Center of Bill Nye's Clean Energy Space Station. Permanent public exhibit at Chabot Space & Science Center.

Childhood hero moment

Loop Value: The How Much Does It Cost? Shop

Contributing ArtistChicago, ILFeb–Dec 2012

A 'pop-up store' taking visitors on a shopping trip that contrasts sticker price with environmental, social, and economic costs that individuals and communities really pay for products and services. Public exhibit at Chicago Architecture Foundation.

Buildings = Energy

Contributing ArtistNew York, NYOct 2011–Jan 2012

An exploration of how critical choices by people in the fields of design, planning, engineering, government, building management, and occupant behavior can make positive energy-use changes in our cities through better design decisions, analytical tools, and awareness programs. Public exhibit at The Center for Architecture.

Smart Home: Green + Wired

Contributing ArtistChicago, ILMay 2008–Jan 2009Mar 2010–Jan 2011

A fully-functioning, three-story modular home celebrating sustainable living features and inviting visitors to explore new 'smart' technologies that inform and empower homeowners to reduce resource consumption. Public exhibit at Museum of Science and Industry.

Refract House

Contributing ArtistWashington, D.C.Oct 2009

A solar-powered, net zero-energy home by Santa Clara University and California College of the Arts promoting integrated whole-building design, informing occupants of consumption habits, and showcasing the performance of renewable energy and water technologies. Public exhibit at U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon.

Exhibition Eco Aesthetics: Monitoring Ecological Data and Patterns of Human Consumption

Contributing ArtistThe Hague, NetherlandsMar–May 2008

A compilation of international visionary art and technology dealing with the visualization and sonification of ecology, in an effort to promote conservation of resources and advance environmental awareness. Public exhibit at <>TAG Headquarters.

Driving Toward a Sustainable Future

Contributing ArtistDavis, CAJan–Mar 2008

Highlights from an international competition seeking designs for a self-sustainable, educational, off-the-grid roadside rest stop to be implemented in California's Central Valley. Public exhibit at GreenStop: Visionary Designs for a Self-sustainable Rest Stop, UC Davis Design Museum.

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Make Magazine, Home Energy Dashboards
Behavior change animation reel
Wired Magazine

Venues Featured & Cited

Books & periodicals

Reinventing Green Building: Why Certification Systems Don’t Work and What We Can Do About It
Jerry Yudelson2016
Net Zero Energy Design: A Guide for Commercial Architecture
Tom Hootman2012
Achieving Energy Efficiency Through Real-Time Feedback
U.S. Department of EnergySep 2011
Sustainable Design of Research Laboratories: Planning, Design, and Operation
ReMake America: Home Energy Dashboards
Make MagazineVol. 18, May 2009
Home, Green Home
The EconomistVol. 388-389, Sep 2008
Using Sociotechnical Feedback to Engage, Educate, Motivate, and Empower Environmental Thought and Action
The Solutions JournalJan-Feb 2014
Energy Dashboards: Using Real-Time Feedback to Influence Behavior
Environmental Building NewsVol. 17, No. 12, Dec 2008
Conspicuous Consumption
Wired MagazineMar 2007
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Online articles

From Oberlin to Oakland: The Advance of Lucid and BuildingOS
U.S. EPAMar 2016
Lucid Unveils Universal Operating System for Buildings
Greentech MediaAug 2013
Occupant Engagement: Where Design Meets Performance
Environmental Building NewsNov 2011
An Energy Dashboard for Buildings
The New York TimesMay 2009
IT going green: Every user to be part of move to green buildings
The Financial TimesFeb 2008
Seeing green: Designing for conservation
Adobe Design Center Think TankJul 2007
Little changes, big impacts: An Adobe Flash Platform success story
Adobe SystemsMar 2011
Lucid Unveils Social Networking for Buildings
Greentech MediaApr 2010
Smart dashboard displays the hidden price of power
CNET NewsJun 2007
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TV & radio broadcasts

Real-time monitoring of your energy consumption
Smart Planet, CBS InteractiveAug 2010
Solar power: Teach it, live it
Anderson Cooper 360º, CNNMay 2010
Schools Go for Gold at Solar Decathlon
All Tech Considered, NPROct 2009
HGTV Green Home
HGTVApr 2009
Carbon Offset Plan Allows Businesses to Trade Environmental 'Credit'
The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, PBSMar 2008
Wired LivingHome
Wired Science, PBSDec 2007
Inside the Eco-Manor
Forecast Earth, The Weather ChannelMay 2008
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Electricity meters
Great Lakes, Great Lakes Protection Fund
Buildings at night

Grants & Fellowships

U.S. DOE Technology Commercialization Fund

Senior Design Lead$150k2017-2018

Advancing the Commercial Building Energy Saver to provide actionable insights into building retrofits and to enable broad-based commercialization. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Building Technology and Urban Systems Division. T. Hong (PI), et al.

U.S. DOE Small Business Voucher

Senior Design Lead$200k2016-2017

Accelerating the accessibility and improving the accuracy of advanced performance modeling for portfolio-wide benchmarking. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Building Technology and Urban Systems Division. N. Gould (PI), et al.

U.S. EPA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program

Senior Design Lead$395k2014-2016

Phase 1 : Software framework for enabling innovation in behavior-based energy conservation in commercial buildings. V. Shunturov (PI), M. Murray, G. Platt, J.E. Petersen.

Phase 2 : Using software and Internet-of-Things technology to drive behavioral energy savings in commercial buildings with Building Orbs. C. Hodge, A. Rhoads, V. Shunturov (PI), G. Platt, J.E. Petersen.

Great Lakes Protection Fund

Senior Design Lead$812k2008-2012

Implementing real-time resource use feedback to motivate and empower conservation. J.E. Petersen (PI), C. Frantz, S. Mayer, G. Platt, V. Shunturov, M. Murray, R. Shammin, N. Sabel, D. Sonner, S. Hoffert, S. Dupee, J. Mankoff, C. Herdendorf, E. Arens.

California Clean Tech Open Smart Power Prize

Contest Winner$100k2007

Co-recipient of AMD-sponsored Smart Power Prize in California Clean Tech Open, the nation’s preeminent clean technology business contest.

U.S. EPA People, Prosperity, and the Planet (P3) Program

Senior Design Lead$85k2004-2005

Phase 1 : A visual feedback system for improving the environmental performance of buildings and institutions. J.E. Petersen (PI), M. Murray, V. Shunturov, G. Platt.

Phase 2 : Developing and assessing the impact of a socio-technological resource-use feedback system for improving the environmental performance of buildings and institutions. J.E. Petersen (PI), V. Shunturov, G. Platt, M. Murray, C. Frantz, S. Mayer, K. Janda.

Blank Foundation Research Assistant Fellowship

Grant Fellow$7.5k2005-2006

Visual feedback systems for displaying and interpreting campus environmental performance. Summer research fellowship and subsequent extension through Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation.

Ohio Academy of Science Scholarship

Grant Fellow$2.5k2005

Ohio Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering Scholarship. One of ten scholarship stipends conferred upon outstanding original research contributions and academic record. Ohio Academy of Science, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

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Building Dashboard Network
Building Dashboard Kiosk


Self-Service Discovery, Refinement, and Execution of Automated Multi-System Insights

Principal AuthorU.S. 10,718,632Issued 2020

Systems and methods for assimilating information from disparate building systems and automatically evaluating multiple insights to gauge likely relative importance; generate higher-order meta-insights; and execute controls across services and devices. G.M. Platt, V.K. Shunturov, S.M. McMullan, T.W. Geer.

Self-Service Connection, Data Collection, and Automation of Metering and Building Systems, Controls, and Devices

Principal AuthorU.S. 9,958,291Issued 2018

Systems and methods for connecting building systems, meters, controls, sensors, devices, and data services to automatically discover remote systems and data; centrally collect, process, and store data; and automate the monitoring, configuration, and control of systems. V.K. Shunturov, G.M. Platt, T.W. Geer.

Extensible Framework and Graphical User Interface for Sharing, Comparing, and Displaying Resource Usage Data

Principal AuthorU.S. 8,375,068Issued 2013

Systems and methods for collecting and presenting data showing comparative resource usage, particularly an extensible framework and UI that facilitates the sharing, comparing, and displaying of data in competition and goal-setting environments across multiple scales of resolution. G.M. Platt, V.K. Shunturov, M.E. Murray, J.E. Petersen.

Collecting, Sharing, Comparing, and Displaying Resource Usage Data

Principal AuthorU.S. 8,176,095Issued 2012

Systems and methods for collecting and presenting data showing comparative resource usage, particularly interactive and comparative displays of data in socially, demographically, economically, or geographically defined group environments such as social networks. M.E. Murray, J.E. Petersen, G.M. Platt, V.K. Shunturov.

Adobe MAX Conference
First Annual P3 Award Competition
Green features

Awards & Recognition


International Green Awards


Sixth Annual International Green Awards for Creativity in Sustainability (the "Green Oscars"), Best Green Cross-Platform Digital Media Solution category, recognizing the best use of mobile applications, social media, and online content.

Adobe MAX Award

Co-recipientAdobe Systems2010

Adobe MAX Award, Social Computing category, a prestigious global awards program recognizing the best uses of Adobe software.

California Clean Tech Open


AMD-sponsored Smart Power Prize, California Clean Tech Open, the nation’s preeminent clean technology business contest.

People, Prosperity, and the Planet (P3) Award

Co-recipientU.S. EPA2005

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's First Annual People, Prosperity, and the Planet Award, Phase II of U.S. EPA's national student design competition for sustainability.

Other selections



Sustainia100 designation and Sustainia Award nominee, recognizing 100 of the world's most innovative and transformative sustainable solutions during Rio+20, United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.

California 'Game Changer of the Year'

Co-recipientCalifornia State Assembly2011

Grow California's Game Changer of the Year Award, Innovation in Clean Energy Education category, recognizing impact on the state's green economy and outstanding leadership in green technology.

Energy & Environment Award

RecipientThe Aspen Institute2009

The Aspen Institute's Energy & Environment Award, Visual Art & Design category, recognizing excellence for disruptive innovation, pioneering new perspectives, and communication of energy and environmental solutions.

ONE Condoms Design Contest

RecipientGlobal Protection Corp.2009

ONE® Condoms international condom wrapper design competition. Public health benefit organization: West Oakland Health Center, which received 10,000 condoms.

Honorary titles: the Rembrandt of Rubber, the Leonardo of Latex, and the Picasso of Prophylactics

California's 'Flex Your Power' Award

Co-recipientCalifornia Public Utilities Commission2008

California's Flex Your Power Award, Innovative Products & Services category, California's statewide energy efficiency campaign for outstanding leadership in energy efficiency for businesses and homeowners.

Governor's Award for Excellence in Energy

Co-recipientOhio Department of Development2007

Governor's Award for Excellence in Energy, honoring businesses that have improved Ohio's economic competitiveness and its environment through the effective, efficient, and innovative use of energy.

Campus Ecology Award

Co-recipientNational Wildlife Federation2007

National Wildlife Federation's Campus Ecology 'Chill Out' Award, recognizing Oberlin College's Campus Resource Monitoring System as an innovative program for reducing the impacts of global warming.

Joyce Gorn Memorial Prize

RecipientOberlin College2006

Oberlin’s Environmental Studies Program's Joyce Gorn Memorial Prize for meritorious work on campus and town environmental projects, and for contributions to advancing the College's environmental policy and developing core projects within the Program.

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Solar-powered graduate cap
Data loggers
The Living Machine


Oberlin College
Bachelor of ArtsOberlin, OH2006

Environmental Studies Program

The Linsly School
DiplomaWheeling, WV2002


Nielsen Norman Group UX Conference
UX CertificationNN/g20192020
Blockchain Fundamentals
Professional CertificateBerkeleyX2018
UX Immersion: Interactions
User Interface Conference
Greenbuild International
Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education
Community-Based Social Marketing Workshop
Doug McKenzie-Mohr, Ph.D2006
Environmental Science & Landscape Ecology GIS Workshop
NITLEUniversity of the South2005
ArcGIS Desktop
Technical CertificateESRI2004
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Whiteboard session (by You X Ventures)
Sustainable design options
Children interacting with energy data

Advisory & Volunteer Roles

Kiva Lending Team

Team Captain2013-present

Captain of Oberlin College Alumni Kiva Lending Team. Increased team lending from $46k and 19 loans per member (2013) to $369k and 71 loans per member (2021). Reached #1 for Amount Loaned in Alumni Groups (out of 2,109 groups), Oct 2013.

U.S. DOE Technology Commercialization Fund

Independent Merit Reviewer2019-present

Reviewer for DOE Office of Technology Transitions Technology Commercialization Fund (TCF), a $26M+ funding opportunity to increase the number of energy technologies developed at DOE’s national labs that graduate to commercial development and achieve commercial impact.

Local Community Organizations

West Oakland Station Community Advisory Council
Team Member2018-present
Community Foods Market
Founding Shareholder2018-present
Howard Terminal Waterfront Ballpark CBA Committee
Team Member2020-present

Oberlin College

Office of Development & Alumni Affairs
Class Agent2012-present

LaunchU Bootcamp & Pitch Competition
Speaker & Supporter2014-present

Environmental Sustainability Coordinator Search Committee
Panel Member2005-2006

California Energy Commission Codes & Standards Enhancement (CASE)

Technical Expert2015

Technical Advisory Group Member for the PG&E-funded Codes & Standards Enhancement research for Title 24 2019 codes, Work plan for value of a prominent energy display in main lobby. The goal: Advance the code towards the state's 2030 Zero Net Energy goals for small office buildings.

U.S. Green Building Council

Subject Matter Expert2012

Contributor toward the development of U.S. Green Building Council's Pilot Credit 59: Occupant Engagement for the LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance (EBOM) rating system.

Toyota of Northern California

Subject Matter Expert2014

Consultant on Toyota Prius commercial comparing the behavioral application of real-time energy use feedback for building occupants with real-time fuel consumption feedback for car drivers, in what is described as "The Prius Effect".

Lucid Design Group

Board Member2009-2013

Founding board member of Lucid, pioneer in commercial building data centralization and dashboard reporting tools. Presided over Series A (2009) and profitability milestone (2013).

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